Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!!

WOW, Have I been slacking or what. Last time posting in here was back in May?!!!

Well, basement renovation is going well. Thanks Scott!! Crazy weather around here the last week. We got over 12" of rain in the last week, and my basement held up pretty good. TT workouts have slacked a bit, but not too bad. I've been averaging probably two a week.

So summer is un-officially here, and the picnic's have begun. We had a block party in our neighborhood for the first time since we built here. It was fun until the tornadoes rolled through!! Yep, one hour into our First Annual Block Party, the tornado sirens went off, and we all scattered back to our house for the next 3 hours. WE did all end up getting back together toward the end of the night, and still managed to have some fun. A bit wet, but fun. Thanks to Jessi Wrench for settig up that party, but especially to Shane and Amy Wolfinger who ended up with the whole neighborhood in their house!!

So during the party, one of my neighbor and friend asked me about this Turbulence Training. Asked me if the e-mails I had been sending were scams. He said, he didn;t think I would send him anything that was a scam, but he still was a bit skeptical. I assured him this was no scam, this is a real workout program. He said he did want to try it, so I encouraged him, and if he needed any help to ask me and I would walk him through his first workout.

So, for all the skeptics out there, I will say "THIS IS NOT A SCAM."

Happy Fathers Day to all of you dad's out there!!!!