Sunday, February 1, 2009

We're Having a Heat Wave.....A Tropical Heat Wave!!

Awwww man, is this one of the greatest days of the year or what...SuperBowl Sunday. I hope I don't get arrested for saying "SUPER BOWL". To make things even better, temperatures here is Wisconsin actually got above freezing. We may even hit close to 40 today. Yeah!!!

So, I'm my 18th hour of an ESE (Eat Stop Eat), and I'm going down to do a Light Day Abs workout called 6 Minute Abs. It's a Bodyweight circuit that I am certain will kick my butt a bit (and my abs), but I need it.

I'm also on day 28 of my 84 day transformation challenge. Things are going great, and I am well past that mental block of just going through the motions, and actually working it during my TT workouts. I also noticed some other people's workouts on the TT Forums and decided I need to step it up a bit. I'm not in this to win it, but it would be nice.

I cam across a video today on the TT Forums. And it basically sheds some light on the Wii Fit. Everyone seems to look for the easy fix to their weight loss goals, and now they seem to have found it in the Wii Fit. Now if it comes down to you doing a workout on Wii, or sitting on you Butt, by all means do the Wii Workout. But come on people, do you really think it is going to get you that firm, lean, fit body with abs popping like never before...? Check it out here...

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Baby It's FREAKING Cold Outside...

Pretty freaking cold here today, and it's supposed to get worse as the week goes. Fun, fun! But you know, in a weird way, I think it toughens you up a bit. I have a brother in law down in New Orleans that keeps razzing us about our weather. It is tough, but really, life goes on. It is nice and toasty warm in my workout room downstairs!!

Workout A:

Warmup Circuit 2X: Y Squat 10x, Pushup 10x, Stickup 10x, Mountain Climbers 10x, Lunge 10x, Waiter Bow 10x, Spidrman Climb 10x

Shoulder Press Pushups 10x
Step Ups 12x per leg

1 leg RDL's 8x per leg
Swiss Ball Mountain Climbers 10x per side

Inverted Row 12x
Wide Grip pushups 20x

Interval Workout A: Easy Pace was at 3, hard at 8 on the treadmill.

Workouts have been going really good. I had a busy weekend, so I missed my Saturday challenge, but I did it on Monday instead. My main goal right now is to stay 100% on track with the workouts, diet will come. It hasn;t been horrible, but it hasn't been great either.

Metallica was in town last night. I kind of missed not going. It's been a long time since I've seen them or wanted to see them, but times are tight, and I need to stay GAZELLE INTENSE so I can live like no one else!!! Talk to Dave Ramsey if you have any questions about that!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Yeah Yeah My Friends.....

Day 3...

Ended my workout with a little Death Magnetic from Metallica. It is amazing how they can still just jack me up after all these years!! Awesome!

Workout A: Only did Supersets One time through just to get back in swing of things, per CB's recommendation.

Warmup Circuit 2X: Y Squat 10x, Pushup 10x, Stickup 10x, Mountain Climbers 10x, Lunge 10x, Waiter Bow 10x, Spidrman Climb 10x

Shoulder Press Pushups 10x
Step Ups 12x per leg

SS2: 1 leg RDL's 8x per leg
Swiss Ball Mountain Climbers 10x per side

Inverted Row 12x
Wide Grip pushups 20x

Interval Workout A: Easy Pace was at 3, hard at 8 on the treadmill.

These Turbulence Training workoouts feel incredible as always.

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 1...Back On My Fit Lifestyle Track...

Today is Day 1 of my Turbulence Training Transformation Contest. I've put more weight back on than I originally thought, and now I need to rock this out big time. I would challenge anyone with weight loss as a NEW Years Resolution to join me.

Simply click here to join me in this contest!!

Beginning Weight: 186
Goal Weight:175-ish
Abs Contest Goal Weight: 166 (June Only)
Current BF%: 21%
Goal BF%: 10%
Abs Contest Goal BF%: Under %10

Waist size across navel: 37" geez...what happened.
Transformation Goal Waist Size: 31"

I'm really disappointed in myself, and I can't believe how this snuck up on me. Well, yes I can, I just shouldn't be kidding myself.

Workout Details:

First day, and so far so good ate clean and worked out. I will start my Workout A of the BW500 (Belly Off Version) tomorrow, but I decided to do the challenge of the BW100 challenge today as a sort of warmup. Crazy what a few months will do to ya of not working out. OUCH!!

Workout Day 1:

BW100 Challenge of the BW500 workout:
Warmup Circuit 2X: Y Squat 10x, Pushup 10x, Stickup 10x, Mountain Climbers 10x, Lunge 10x, Waiter Bow 10x, Spidrman Climb 10x

Prisoner Squats 20x, Pushups 20x, Jumps 20x, Chinups 5x, Lunges 20x, CG Pushups 15x
Completed in 5 Minutes.

I may not be posting this stuff on the TT Forums all the time, I will be posting in my BLOG. At least that is the goal #1.

Friday, January 2, 2009

A Great New Years Eve...

Last day of vacation today. Will probably take down the Christmas tree and then get ready for our CAMP OUT in the living room tonight. I promised the little guys we would do that during their Christmas Vacation, so tonight is the night.

Just got done watching the movie Tropic Thunder with Benn Stiller, Jack Black, and Robert Downey Jr. Hilarious!! The big surprise in that movie was Tom Cruise who I think may have stole the show!! It was great.

It's so funny to see all these commercials for workout equipment and for joining health clubs right now. Everyone;s resolution is to be healthier in 2009, but how many actually follow through with it. I will admit, I fell off the wagon a bit too the last few months, But I am ready now to tackle this, and get back to basics with nutrition and working out. Anybody that doubts me I challenge them to join me!! Let's do it together!!

Erin and I and the kids had a great New Year's EVE. We went to our neighbor's house and I drank WAYYYYY too much. Of course the topic of working out came up again when one of our neighbors said she wanted a 6 Pack. I asked her, "Of what, Miller Lite?" She laughed and said, "No, I've never had a 6 pack stomach and I want one". She recently gave up a lot of sugar foods and even high fructose corn syrup in her diet and lost 10 lbs. She has been working out too, but the 6 pack just isn't happening for her. I told her Turbulence Training will get her there in less than 12 weeks, and she will have a rockin' 6 pack by the time she and her family go to Mexico in March. So, I challenged her, and told her I would send her a link to TT, and she should really give it a try. So, let's see if she is up to the challenge.

I WILL be posting more in here, and I need to come up with a good format for posting workouts and progress. I hope I get some followers in here too.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!

So, I haven't been here in a while, and I need to post some stuff. I'm mixing this page up a bit. I will be generally posting workout stuff on here and making this more of a workout journal page. I will also be posting on the TT Forums, but I need to keep my BLOG updated.

I am getting back into the Turbulence Training workouts strong in the next week. There is another transformation contest, and we need the $$, so I am hoping we place in the Top 3. Erin is also doing the contest and I think she has a great shot as well.

The TT forums are a great tool to use for inspiration and overall advice. You can definitely develop some nice friendships in there as well.

On a personal note, I have some Resolutions I need to share on here.


1. Be a better DAD and HUSBAND. Not that I'm not a good dad and husband already but I have the most wonderfull BEST Friend in my wife, and she deserves the very best. My kids are awesome, and also very challenging. I need to find the patience within my inner self and hold onto that all the time while raising them.

2. Eat healthy. The last few months have been awful. I need to get back on track.

3. Be diligent with workouts. I have the best trainer in the world, Craig Ballantyne, and I need to use his talents and his Turbulence Training system to the fullest. Not only for my health, but for my wife and kids.

4. Professionally, I need to step it up. This economy will cut the FAT in companies, and you need to be at the top of your game just to hold on to your job. I will be extremely busy after the 1st of the year, and I need to nail these next few projects.

5. Achieve Financial Peace. Some may ask "what the hell does that mean". Well, there are so omany things that it means. But right now to me and my family, it means to know where every penny is going by budgeting, and sticking to that budget. Getting some bills paid off. We, like the rest of America, like STUFF. We need to adjust our priorities, and buckle down. My good friend Dave Ramsey will get us there!!

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Day 84...!!

Oh yeah, it's been cool doing this Turbulence Training Transformation Contest, but I have to admit, I'm ready for it to be over. This summer has been grueling horrible for the diet and workouts. I mean, I still worked out, but not as dedicated as I should have been. We are still going through a renovation of our basement, and that has taken it's toll on our workouts as well. But, I did the contest as more of a support to my wife who absolutely rocked it!! You can see her photo's on this site, and she looks amazing!

This Fall, I can really start to dig deep again, and really sculpt my body utilizing the TT workouts. I think I have a really good feel for how to get control of my body. It's just a matter of staying with a plan.

While a number of our friends and family have shown interest in this workout program, and are even currently doing it, I'm still finding a lot of people are really skeptical to try it. I'm not sure why, especially after they have seen the results we have achieved. I think they are having a hard time committing to a program, and enjoy doing ther routine that generally isn;t working for them. I guess, if that's what they are happy doing, that's cool. Great day today, I'm excited to get outside and enjoy the weather.