Monday, March 31, 2008

Interval Training...

Now let me tell you something about long distance running...I hate it. Growing up I played a lot of sports. Not necessarily organized sports, but you know the back yard, playground, street ball type of sports. The kind where you played for respect, not a trophy. The kind where you ran up and down a playground court, or sand lot bases, or even just in the street. I never liked long distant running and I still don't, because I feel the Interval Training I do takes me back to my youth. Maybe in more ways than one...

Interval Training...
High intensity running or biking or any type of cardio for a short time, followed by a low intensity period, and then back to high intensity.

So, yesterday was my light day of activity. My wife and I took the kids and the dog down to the playground. The weather here has been awful lately and it actually wasn't too bad yesterday. Kids were playing on the equipment, the dog was a bit bored, so I decided to run intervals with my dog while the kids played on the playground equipment. Now, I have a Pug and Beagle mix (Puggle), so she's not your typical running type of dog. However, I was impressed with her, and once she understood what I was doing, she really got into it. People around the park I think thought I was crazy, but she was having fun and I was having a blast, and getting some good interval cardio in at the same time. Not to mention, she could probably lose a few pounds as well.

So, now Mocha, my 10 month old puggle has been introduced to Turbulence Training.

Good Times!!

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lead by example...

Lead by example...
One item that probably gets overlooked when changing lifestyle and taking on a new way of life in terms of eating right and exercising is how it effects others around you. I'm starting to see a change in my 2 boys who are only 4 and 6 years old. Instead of seeing me on the couch watching TV after work, they come down stairs and enjoy spending time with me during my workout. Usually, they are riding scooters, playing with trucks or shooting some hoops, but every once in a while they will get right down on the floor with me and pound out some pushups!! My 6 year old will even do the Biggest Loser workout video with my wife. Now we just need this winter to end, so we can get outside and do some more activities. Kids need some good guidance early on when it comes to exercise and nutrition.

Lead by example...
My parents never lead by example when it came to diet and exercise. They both drank, smoked, ate poorly, and it ended up taking my dad's life at 69 from diabetes, and heart disease. My mom is currently fighting her own health with COPD, more commonly know as emphesema, chronic lung disease. Whatever you want to call it, her lungs are not in the greatest shape from smoking for over 50 years. She still has crazy energy, and can keep up with my 4 and 6 year old, so she must be doing something right!!

Lead by example...
Lately my family has taken an interest in Turbulence Training as well. Seeing the transformation in me, and my passion for this system has really perked their interest. My wife is doing TT for Women and loves it. My mom-in-law is also doing TT for Women at 60 years old!! She says that when she first looked at the workouts, she was a bit intimidated. She had sore joints, sore knees but since starting TT, it has all gone away. My wife has been battling some illness this winter with colds, sinus infections, bronchittis you name it. Now she is over all of that and she is deep into the workouts now. Seeing my transformation has inspired her, but now she is ready to see her own transformation.

My sisters have taken an interest as well. Although, they haven't quite committed yet, I did walk them thru a demo workout down in my basement the other night. Yes it did intimidate my one sister, but the other was ready to take it on...let's just see if she follows through.

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Turbulence Training BW250

So, I did the BW250 today, pretty tough. I finished it in 11 minutes. I probably should have done some Interval Training after, but we had family coming over for lunch and a get together this afternoon. Played some baseball outside with the kids, so I'll do some intervals maybe later tonight or maybe tomorrow.

The family that came over hasn't seen me in a few months. They were a bit shocked to see how great of shape I was in. Of course I gave them the whole Turbulence Training workout explaination. They were all very intrigued. Still waiting for the weather to break a bit more to really get outside and do some running or biking. Even just walking the dog would be good, but the roads are still all full of sand from all the snow we got this year.

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Blog...Day One

So, I guess I am new to this blogging stuff. In fact, I never thought I would ever be posting on anything like this. Now here I am...

Approximately 9 weeks ago I stumbled across a workout program on Men's Health called Belly Off. While I have been looking for a program for sometime now, this one really intrigued me. I think because there was no need for fancy equipment, no gym membership, it came with meal plans, and every day was planned for me. My workouts were planned, my meals were basically planned. All I had to do was simply follow the plan.

Well, I followed the plan, completed it and found myself 15 pounds lighter and in the best shape of my adult life in just 8 weeks. The program developed by Craig Ballantyne has you out of your comfort zone, and in maximum fat burning zone. The bottom line is, you will work your butt off...and your belly off, and any unwanted fat off!! While I was stuck in tradiotional boring cardio workouts for a long time, his program is a combination of bodyweight exercises followed by interval training, using minimal equipment and all in just 45 minutes 3 x a week.

The Belly Off program is designed around Craig's Turbulence Training principles. Since Belly Off, I am now following Craig's TT workouts. In just one week I have lost an additional 2 pounds, and am still on my way to not only my goal weight, but my overall fitness goals.

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