Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 1...Back On My Fit Lifestyle Track...

Today is Day 1 of my Turbulence Training Transformation Contest. I've put more weight back on than I originally thought, and now I need to rock this out big time. I would challenge anyone with weight loss as a NEW Years Resolution to join me.

Simply click here to join me in this contest!!

Beginning Weight: 186
Goal Weight:175-ish
Abs Contest Goal Weight: 166 (June Only)
Current BF%: 21%
Goal BF%: 10%
Abs Contest Goal BF%: Under %10

Waist size across navel: 37" geez...what happened.
Transformation Goal Waist Size: 31"

I'm really disappointed in myself, and I can't believe how this snuck up on me. Well, yes I can, I just shouldn't be kidding myself.

Workout Details:

First day, and so far so good ate clean and worked out. I will start my Workout A of the BW500 (Belly Off Version) tomorrow, but I decided to do the challenge of the BW100 challenge today as a sort of warmup. Crazy what a few months will do to ya of not working out. OUCH!!

Workout Day 1:

BW100 Challenge of the BW500 workout:
Warmup Circuit 2X: Y Squat 10x, Pushup 10x, Stickup 10x, Mountain Climbers 10x, Lunge 10x, Waiter Bow 10x, Spidrman Climb 10x

Prisoner Squats 20x, Pushups 20x, Jumps 20x, Chinups 5x, Lunges 20x, CG Pushups 15x
Completed in 5 Minutes.

I may not be posting this stuff on the TT Forums all the time, I will be posting in my BLOG. At least that is the goal #1.

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Unknown said...

Jim, I'm looking at the Ab Pics and there is no way in hell you're body fat is above 15%...much less 21%.

Great work and kick *ss in TC4

later, mikez