Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Yeah Yeah My Friends.....

Day 3...

Ended my workout with a little Death Magnetic from Metallica. It is amazing how they can still just jack me up after all these years!! Awesome!

Workout A: Only did Supersets One time through just to get back in swing of things, per CB's recommendation.

Warmup Circuit 2X: Y Squat 10x, Pushup 10x, Stickup 10x, Mountain Climbers 10x, Lunge 10x, Waiter Bow 10x, Spidrman Climb 10x

Shoulder Press Pushups 10x
Step Ups 12x per leg

SS2: 1 leg RDL's 8x per leg
Swiss Ball Mountain Climbers 10x per side

Inverted Row 12x
Wide Grip pushups 20x

Interval Workout A: Easy Pace was at 3, hard at 8 on the treadmill.

These Turbulence Training workoouts feel incredible as always.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah Jim!! You are doing awesome!! So glad you are back on track!!